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Certification Programs

A bench in a public park

Certified Park Professional (CPP)

A paved path surrounded by trees and foliage in a park

Certified Park Professional International (CPP-I)

The Certified Park Professional International (CPP-I) is designed to recognize highly qualified park and recreation professionals with significant international experience. This penultimate certification for individuals with global perspective and experience is the highest designation achieved through the World Parks Academy.

The comprehensive competency framework has been vetted by and international group of park professionals representing six continents and various disciplines of the park industry, including experts in horticulture, park management, recreation, green design, arboriculture, community gardens, and urban planning.

The World Parks Academy works with national certifying bodies to provide additional credentialing support to park professionals. Because not all countries have an existing national certifying body, the Word Parks Academy fills that void. Park professionals can earn an international certification through a validation of their competencies and related work experience.

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