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    The World Urban Parks (WUP) is a unique international organisation that represents parks, recreation, amenity, cultural, leisure, and related services. WUP membership is required for CPP or CPPI certification.

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  • Professional certification demonstrates a commitment to your profession; helps to showcase your skills and experience; and establishes you as a continuous learner. Apply for the Certified Park Professional (CPP), or if you are already certified as a CPP, for the Certified Park Professional International (CPPI) today.

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  • WPA Program of Merit

    As a tertiary institution, is your degree or diploma course of a standard to be endorsed at the international level as a Program of Merit?
    In 2019, the WPA awarded the Universiti Teknologi MARA's Bachelor of Parks and Amenity Management (Honours), the first university to receive recognition as a Program of Merit!

  • How Do You Measure Up?

    Whether you work in urban design, green planning, park and public land management, recreation, landscape architecture, horticulture, or the like, the World Parks Academy's competency framework represents your profession!

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World Parks Academy :

Why is an international certification important to you?

Digby Whyte

“Having been involved in the development of certification with the NZRA in New Zealand I’m delighted to see the World Parks Academy setting a world standard for credentialing park and recreation professionals. The Certified Parks Professional (CPP) is a national-level credential that can be sought by anyone in our industry to recognise their having achieved a professional standard and status in their career. It also signals to employers and peers that this professional does not rest on their laurels or a qualification obtained 10 years ago, but annually maintains their professional development.”
 – Dr. Digby Whyte

Graciela Barreiro

“I’ve dedicated my whole life to plants and green spaces. Urban trees, forests and plant propagation gave me the happiness of working on the subjects I loved. I got the perfect job: the management of the Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires, one of the most beautiful spaces in my city. In addition, I have had the chance to work for an exceptional organization that is supporting true parks professionals with knowledge sharing: World Urban Parks. As a part of this team, I got the chance to get one of the first Certified Parks Professional International award (CPPI) by the World Parks Academy. Being recognized because of my skills and experience has been a highlight in my recent professional life. Not only my personal resume has been increased by the CPPI but my daily work has gained with it. I strongly recommend every park professional to be part of this personal and group enhancing process.”
 – Graciela Barreiro

Dr. Charles Leider

“Since I am working as a consultant in recreation planning and design following my retirement as a Landscape Architecture faculty member from Oklahoma State University, I feel membership in the Academy strengthens my credentials in seeking consulting work.”
 – Dr. Charles Leider

Tim Geyer

“Having worked in the Parks and Recreation industry for over 35 years, International Certification through the World Parks Academy not only recognises the extensive experiences and skills gained over this time, but also opens up opportunities to expand that knowledge base. I believe we should share knowledge and experience with others where ever possible and equally we should be open to learn from other peoples experience and knowledge. Learning from different cultures and societies provides for a richer knowledge base, that can be shared both domestically and internationally, and can directly aid in our own development. I see the World Parks Academy as an invaluable tool in this development and dissemination of knowledge.”
 – Tim Geyer

Tsunato Mizuno

“Because world wisdom can bring development in the park constituting sustainable society. CPPI becomes the origin of the knowledge.”
 – Tsunato Mizuno

How will your certification help advance your professional goals?

Tadashi Nogami

“I will seek the management and operation of the park that becomes the local community garden.”
 – Tadashi Nogami

Digby Whyte

“The Certified Parks Professional International (CPPI) is a unique credential recognising senior professionals who interact internationally and who have competencies that support working with international colleagues and making global contributions. This is becoming increasingly relevant as organisations and professionals seek to solve common issues, access best practice solutions and benchmark their development. Anyone who is a member of World Urban Parks or a related international organisation is already on the path to a higher level of professionalism and it is great that there is now a formal credential recognising professionals who extend their relevance and value through international interaction.”
 – Dr. Digby Whyte

Paul Wilson

“Having an internationally recognised accreditation is useful in our consulting work, in particular in giving expert witness statements in environment court proceedings. It enables people who are from outside our sector to see that the recipient has reached a certain level of profession competence beyond tertiary qualifications and has maintained modern professional standards. Certification helps builds credibility of the recipient, our consultancy and importantly our industry.”
 – Paul Wilson

Kouichi Tanaka

“International view and trends of park management is important for the effective and creative management. I’d like to impart those information to my colleagues and members of my office by CPPI.”
 – Kouichi Tanaka