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    The World Urban Parks (WUP) is a unique international organisation that represents parks, recreation, amenity, cultural, leisure, and related services. WUP membership is required for CPP or CPPI certification.

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  • Professional certification demonstrates a commitment to your profession; helps to showcase your skills and experience; and establishes you as a continuous learner. Apply for the Certified Park Professional (CPP), or if you are already certified as a CPP, for the Certified Park Professional International (CPPI) today.

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  • WPA Program of Merit

    As a tertiary institution, is your degree or diploma course of a standard to be endorsed at the international level as a Program of Merit?
    In 2019, the WPA awarded the Universiti Teknologi MARA's Bachelor of Parks and Amenity Management (Honours), the first university to receive recognition as a Program of Merit!

  • How Do You Measure Up?

    Whether you work in urban design, green planning, park and public land management, recreation, landscape architecture, horticulture, or the like, the World Parks Academy's competency framework represents your profession!

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World Parks Academy Certification Programs Certified Park Professional (CPP) :
CPP-France (CPP-F) Eligibility

The following eligibility criteria must be met in order to receive the Certified Park Professional – France (CPP-F) status:

  1. Current Hortis membership status and attendance at a national or regional conference in the last 4 years


    1. University degree


    2. Two years of park work experience providing competency in at least three of the CPP competencies.


  1. Five years of senior-level park management experience providing competency in at least four of the CPP competencies.


  1. Five years of park management experience and completion of training as approved by the World Parks Academy Board of Regents that sufficiently meets at least five CPP competencies.