• Senior Professional Clause

    Well-experienced park professionals will be considered for direct awarding of Certified Park Professional International (CPPI) upon completing their CPPI application. Subject to eligibility.

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  • How Do You Measure Up?

    Whether you work in urban design, green planning, park and public land management, recreation, landscape architecture, horticulture, or the like, the World Parks Academy's competency framework represents your profession!

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  • Become a Member of World Urban Parks Today!

    The World Urban Parks (WUP) is a unique international organisation that represents parks, recreation, amenity, cultural, leisure, and related services. WUP membership is required for CPP or CPPI certification.

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  • Professional certification demonstrates a commitment to your profession; helps to showcase your skills and experience; and establishes you as a continuous learner. Apply for the Certified Park Professional (CPP), or if you are already certified as a CPP, for the Certified Park Professional International (CPPI) today.

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  • Upcoming Free Webinar: Whitewater Recreation 101

    With Presenters:
    Scott Shipley, S2O Design and Engineering
    Scott Martin, River Heritage Conservancy

    March 20, 2019 10:00am (EST)

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World Parks Academy About :
How We Do It

In an age when technological advances allow international communication to occur in real-time, the World Parks Academy uses a variety of techniques, as well as in-person workshops, to deliver its continuing education, workforce development and capacity building programs.

Learning Together

Group learning ensures that individuals are learning together. This method is used to decrease the challenges associated with transactional distance in online education. Web conferencing is a common example of this type of learning.

Web Conferencing:

Web conference services are used to strengthen instructor-student and student-student relationships. The World Parks Academy utilizes Zoom software that provides live streaming of webcasts. The webcasts are highly interactive sessions in which participants not only react to the information presented by the instructor but also have the opportunity to learn and react to other participants concurrently. In web conferencing, various visual and audio representations can be used to present and receive information.

Learning At Your Own Pace

This type of learning provides an opportunity for students to take responsibility for their own learning schedule. This is a student-centered teaching method that uses online learning resources to facilitate information sharing among a network of people. E-courses are a common example of this type of learning.


E-courses are typically designed with a course map in mind; that is, students progress from one module to the next in a prescribed order. However, some e-courses give students even more control over the speed and direction of their learning by offering a blended course map in which students can select modules in any order, based on their personal interests. Both styles conclude with a learning assessment.

In-Person Workshops

In a time when travel budgets may be too constricted to attend world conferences and events, the World Parks Academy has developed a way to bring endorsed training to you. World Parks Academy–approved trainers host local (regional) workshops and conferences to make attendance more feasible. Additionally, participation at local workshops and conferences that meet approved World Parks Academy learning objectives counts toward your certification and/or re-certification!

The World Parks Academy accepts many different ways to maintain certification that includes continuing education in the form of workshop trainings, conferences, online courses, publication, service, and more. For further information regarding re-certification, please visit: worldparksacademy.org/certifications/cpp/re-certification.