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World Parks Academy Certification Programs Certified Park Professional (CPP) :
CPP Competency Framework

The World Parks Academy Park Management Competencies are reflected in multicultural contexts. These competencies will always be foundational and are universal in park management. The best practices and processes that implement the principles may differ, based upon the location, political context, and processes associated with that country or area. Park Management Competencies represent the following knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs):

1.0 Asset Management: KSAs needed to manage facilities, maintained landscapes, utilities, fleet, and other physical resources for the Total Cost of Operation over the lifecycle of agency or organization’s assets.
2.0 Landscape and Amenity Horticulture: KSAs required to understand the science and technology of man-made greenspace.
3.0 Operations and Maintenance: KSAs required to ensure operation and maintenance of all facilities, maintained landscapes, utilities, fleet, and other physical resources are safe, operable, ready for use, and available to the public when required.
4.0 Project Management: KSAs focusing on coordination of physical resources construction, long-range planning (including capital improvement planning), and other activities that have specific starting and ending dates, budgets, goals and objectives, and project teams.
5.0 Resource Management: KSAs that ensure that agency/organization’s natural and cultural resources are stewarded, managed, and protected to meet their specified purpose(s) in a sustainable method that benefits the public.
6.0 Business Acumen: KSAs that frame the management of fiscal resources for increased effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, and innovation within the operations of the agency/organization.
7.0 Supervision: KSAs needed to manage and monitor subordinate performance, recruit employees effectively, and provide for subordinate development and training with the overall goal of improving agency/organization delivery of services.
8.0 Interpretation and Education: KSAs focusing on the delivery and management of interpretation and education to the agency/organization stakeholders through various programs including, but not limited to, signage, displays, media, personal interpretive services, and other programs.
9.0 Public Health: KSAs required for implementing public health impact analysis, programs, and associated communications solely within the agency/organization, or as part of a collaborative effort with partners, in order to reinforce healthy people/healthy parks linkage.
10.0 Leadership: KSAs framing the mastery of individual leadership approaches, leading groups and teams, and systems leadership that are required for overall mission fulfillment of an agency/organization.
11.0 Recreation: KSAs focusing on managing recreation facilities, programs, and events that focus on programming and promotion.

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