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    The World Urban Parks (WUP) is a unique international organisation that represents parks, recreation, amenity, cultural, leisure, and related services. WUP membership is required for CPP or CPPI certification.

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  • Professional certification demonstrates a commitment to your profession; helps to showcase your skills and experience; and establishes you as a continuous learner. Apply for the Certified Park Professional (CPP), or if you are already certified as a CPP, for the Certified Park Professional International (CPPI) today.

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  • WPA Program of Merit

    As a tertiary institution, is your degree or diploma course of a standard to be endorsed at the international level as a Program of Merit?
    In 2019, the WPA awarded the Universiti Teknologi MARA's Bachelor of Parks and Amenity Management (Honours), the first university to receive recognition as a Program of Merit!

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    Whether you work in urban design, green planning, park and public land management, recreation, landscape architecture, horticulture, or the like, the World Parks Academy's competency framework represents your profession!

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World Parks Academy About :
Who We Are

Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands, Indiana University

The Eppley Institute is Indiana University‘s unique outreach program for the park, recreation, and public land management professions and works to enhance the quality of natural, cultural, and recreational experiences for all people. With the resources of Indiana University, the Eppley Institute has access to experts and a technology support system that can’t be duplicated. The Eppley Institute provides expertise in technical assistance and research, planning and design, and training and education for the National Park Service and other organisations throughout the world.

Mission and Goals:

The Eppley Institute prides itself on its core values and goals. The mission of the Institute is to partner with recreation, park, and public land organisations to enhance access, choice, and quality of natural, cultural, and recreational experiences.

The Institute’s goals are to:

  • Advance knowledge – seeking emergent trends and concepts for understanding and application

  • Actively enhance Eppley Institute resources and capacity

  • Expand and diversify the ways in which we share our knowledge

  • Expand and diversify our partnerships

  • Create awareness and demand for our intellectual property

World Urban Parks

World Urban Parks is the international representative body for the urban parks, open space and recreation sector. At a time when urban growth will see 70 percent of the world’s population living in urban areas by 2050, sharing knowledge and providing a collective voice for people and organisations in urban parks, green city, conservation, recreation, sport, health and related outcomes is vital. Together we want to build healthy, livable and sustainable communities.

World Urban Parks is the organisation to go to for international advice, support and getting connected with urban park, open space and recreation issues, people and activity. We combine the experience of our members and partners with opportunities to help build urban parks leadership and bring about significant improvements in cities where rapid urbanisation is occurring.

We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on common environmental, social and economic challenges where urban parks are part of the solution. And we speak at an international and local level in direct support of our members – whether setting global standards, advocating the benefits of urban parks, or supporting a funding bid, a campaign, or professional development.

World Urban Parks aspires to complement and attain the same level of recognition as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which represents protected areas on the world stage. To achieve this we will build membership to levels where we are truly representative of the diverse international urban parks, open space and recreation community. We will act as an umbrella to national associations and connect park agencies, non-governmental organisations, universities, research institutes, businesses, community groups, individuals and allied sectors such as health, tourism, and resource management.

A World where people value and have easy access to quality urban parks, open space and recreation.

To promote and support the provision, effective management and use of urban parks, open space and recreation world-wide as an integral contribution to healthy communities connected to the natural world.